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Last year 2008 I paid all of my Consumers Energy bills on time. I was on the budget plan but paid the full amount due almost every month and the budget amount when ever I felt the need. I showed a credit of over 500$ for months until August of 2009 at which time they deleted the credit. I am confused.

I was called while driving in the car from a representative regarding this complaint and explained to her that I could not talk while driving.

This month I had made arrangements to pay this months bill in two installments which is considered late? I was told it was fine to pay in two installments. My grievance is that I received a phone call this morning stating that my service receiving a shut off notice. After I had made the late? payment on line. I feel harrassed. I still feel Consumers may owe me around five hundred dollars and wonder if I should contact a lawyer.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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